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Piazza Francesco Durante, 14 – Letojanni | Messina


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A bit of history

Built in 1902 by specialists from Messina, with local materials and workers, the palace was born as the home of the Letojannese surgeon Francesco Durante , the first in the world to have operated on a brain tumor and one of the major figures in world surgery . Professor Durante lived in Rome and around Europe most of his life until 1919 when he retired to Letojanni and remained there until the end of his days in 1934 . At the age of 45, thanks to the bond of esteem and friendship with Francesco Crispi, he was appointed senator for life of the Kingdom of Italy by King Umberto I himself, to whom Durante dedicated the inauguration of the new large hospital complex in Rome.

After his death, his nephews donated the structure to the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus who, in 1958 , inaugurated the Children's Home - "St. Joseph" where they welcomed orphans and needy people. From around 2000, it went from being an orphanage and house for nuns to becoming an accommodation facility. The Palace has architectural features that recall the medieval Gothic style, such as the mullioned window of the central tower and the battlements that surround a good part of the wall perimeter.


The hotel has been managed since summer 2020 by the Chiechio brothers , lovers of the place where they spent their holidays since they were children.


The soul of Palazzo Durante

During the various renovation phases, it was always decided to respect the charm of the history that the building experienced when it hosted the nuns belonging to the congregation founded by mother Francesca Cabrini, an extraordinary woman and traveler who was the first to face the missionary commitment, traditionally the prerogative of men, in total autonomy.


It was no coincidence that she was defined by an American newspaper as "a great businesswoman".


Francesca was constantly on the move between the two Americas and Europe to found or consolidate the numerous missions designed not only to be close to Italian emigrants, in material assistance but also and above all so that their rights were recognized by the countries that hosted them.


The Durante Palace

The first renovations which took place in the 1970s expanded the surface area of the building to approximately 400 m2. of extension which is spread over three floors and a basement, a courtyard of approximately 300 m2 which is reserved for our guests as a car park and on the second floor our gem: a splendid terrace overlooking the sea where you can enjoy exclusive moments of relaxation.

For more than 20 years it has been a hotel with over thirty rooms. The rooms have a simple but welcoming style and some enjoy a magical view of the seafront.


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